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Rheem Tankless Hot Water with Culligan Water Filtration

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warranties and potential problems in the existing home

tankless guru 5-year parts and labor warranty

Our exclusive 5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty covers the Rheem/Culligan tankless Pre-Assembled package only. This warranty covers all components, under normal operating conditions, included in the Rheem/Culligan tankless package, like the RTGH-95DVLN-2, service valves, piping, PVC venting, connectors and valves. Our warranty does not include the filter cartridge.

Our warranty does not include component freeze damage, pan drain freezing, power failure damage or any customer caused damaged. Also, does not include any piping connected to the Pre-Assembly, existing metal leaking roof vent and sink supply lines or sink valves/stops, where the crossover valve is connected. 

This warranty works in conjunction with Rheem tankless warranty. See link below for further information.

single handle faucets cartridge problems

If you own an older home and you have one of our tankless systems installed, you may be encountering low temperature hot water from your single handle faucets.

Here is the reason why. 

With tank water heaters the hot and cold water pressure is equal. Tankless water heaters, there 2 psi less pressure. You will not notice this, but old single handle faucets cartridge will. See pic below.

The sediment collected in your old hot water tanks is in your entire water system and collects inside each faucet. The sediment has sand in it which will wears out any rubber or plastic seals. These worn parts will allow the higher pressure, cold water, to leak over to the hot water side of the cartridge. Therefore, reducing the hot water temperature. 

According to faucet manufactures, these cartridges should be replaced every 8 to 10 years.   



installation of crossover valve under a sink

  • When adding the Crossover Valve, for the hot circulation system, we encounter "builder grade" sink valves or stops or old supply line which are old or not compatible with the Rheem Crossover Valve. In this case we must replace the original water supply lines and valves or stops, under only one sink, to assure there will be no future leaks. Install new water supply lines and sink valves or stops  $225.  See pics below. Tankless is not responsible for leaks if we are forced to use existing supply lines or sink valves/stops.


This picture is of a typical old supply line piping under the sink chosen to install the Crossover Valve.

The piping is old and brittle and stops are leaking. 

This has to be replaced.

This are typical sink valves/stops which are "builder grade" and have to be replaced


Roof replacement


For our customers that have their tankless unit located in the attic...

1. During any roof replacement your tankless unit must be TURNED-OFF 

2. Once the dust has settled in the attic, then you can TURN-ON you tankless unit.