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Rheem Tankless Hot Water with Culligan Water Filtration

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single handle faucets cartridge problems

If you own an older home and you have one of our tankless systems installed, you may be encountering low temperature hot water from your single handle faucets.

Here is the reason why. 

With tank water heaters the hot and cold water pressure is equal. Tankless water heaters, there 2 psi less pressure. You will not notice this, but old single handle faucets cartridge will. See pic below.

The sediment collected in your old hot water tanks is in your entire water system and collects inside each faucet. The sediment has sand in it which will wears out any rubber or plastic seals. These worn parts will allow the higher pressure, cold water, to leak over to the hot water side of the cartridge. Therefore, reducing the hot water temperature. 

According to faucet manufactures, these cartridges should be replaced every 8 to 10 years.   



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