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Rheem Tankless Hot Water with Culligan Water Filtration

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reasons to install a TGP tankless system in your home


1. Cost to replace (2) 50-gallon tanks (Home Depot Pricing $3,300 installed).

2. Cost per month during average 96 months of life $35. per month.

3. No warranty parts and labor past the first 12 months.

4. No hot water circulation.

5. Tanks are made of steel, they will rust out and leak.

6. No water filtration. 

7. Tanks collect 4 to 6 inches of toxic materials.

8. Typical life of only 8 years

TGP Pre-Assembly Tankless System For a 2 to 4 Shower Home

1.  Cost to install a single tankless system $3,995. average 240 months of life $16. per month

2. 60 months parts and labor warranty on complete system.

3. Includes hot water circulation pump.

4. 5-micron water filtration.

5. Tankless unit is constructed of 100% copper.

6. No yearly flushing required.

7. Typical life is 20 years.


TGP pre-assembled $3,995 for hot water crossover circulation 

TGD pre-assembled $4,295 for dedicated hot water circulation

model TGP

 model TGP and model tgs pricing

Model TGP or TGD complete list of all items included

  • (1) Attach 1/2" finished plywood backer board existing wall or we build support 2x4 studs.
  • (1) Rheem RTGH-95DVLN-2  NG or LP tankless condensing unit.
  • (1) Rheem external hot water circulation pump.
  • (1) Culligan whole-house water filtration system. for the cold-water inlet side of the tankless unit.
  • (1) 4.5" x 10" 5-Micron 3M sediment/scale filter cartridge.
  • (1) Surge protection strip
  • (1) Alum. tankless drain pan.
  • (1) Brass service valve hot/cold set.
  • (1) Whole house hot water circulation cross over valve, under the furthest sink and with braided supply lines or connect to an existing dedicated re-circ line.
  • (1) All necessary PEX, PVC piping, fitting, connectors.
  • Remove 1 or 2 existing tank hot water heaters and recycle.
  • Tankless Guru warranty 5-year parts and labor on complete system installed (does not include filter cartridge)
  • Rheem warranty 1-year parts and labor, 5 parts and 12 heat exchanger limited (performed by Tankless Guru.)

TGP $4,310 minus $315 equals 3,995. Includes All materials, Labor and Tax

TGD $4,610 minus $315 equals 4,295. Includes All materials, Labor and Tax

(See Warranty Below)

Additional options offered

  • Only one tankless unit is needed. Combine two hot water zones. This option allows hot water, in 2 separate parts of a house, to operate as one zone.  $995.

  • To remove one 50-gallon tank from inside closet, attic or closet.  $120 per tank 

  • To remove one 75 or 80-gallon tank from inside closet, attic or closet $225 per tank

  • Hard to access attic area where the tankless is to be installed. $350  This is for extreme conditions where existing construction makes the tankless installation very labor intense, occurs only 3% of homes.  

  • When adding the Crossover Valve, for the hot circulation system, we encounter "builder grade" sink valves or stops or old supply line which are old or not compatible with the Rheem Crossover Valve. In this case we must replace the original water supply lines and valves or stops, under only one sink, to assure there will be no future leaks. Install new water supply lines and sink valves or stops  $225.  See pics below. Tankless is not responsible for leaks if we are forced to use existing supply lines or sink valves/stops.

  • Add an 120v electrical outlet in an attic or closet ,if one is not available. $195.

  • For Tankless Guru to change your water filter $125. Includes labor and cartridge.

If you have sink valves or stops, that look these, they will need to
be replaced in order to install our hot water re-circulation cross over valve.

tankless guru 5-year parts and labor warranty

Our exclusive 5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty covers the Rheem/Culligan tankless Pre-Assembled package only. This warranty covers all components, under normal operating conditions, included in the Rheem/Culligan tankless package, like the RTGH-95DVLN-2, service valves, piping, PVC venting, connectors and valves. Our warranty does not include the filter cartridge.

Our warranty does not include component freeze damage, pan drain freezing, power failure damage or any customer caused damaged. Also, does not include any piping connected to the Pre-Assembly, existing metal leaking roof vent and sink supply lines or sink valves/stops, where the crossover valve is connected. 

This warranty works in conjunction with Rheem tankless warranty. See link below for further information.

0% interest financing


BUILDZOOM Report    Link

No yearly flushing needed


(Because of the Culligan water filtration)


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