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Rheem Tankless Hot Water with Culligan Water Filtration

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Each Tankless Guru Hot Water Package includes a Crossover Hot Water Circulation System

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How Our Hot Water Circulation System Works

The diagram to the left will show the hot water circulation flow. 

The Crossover Valve hot water circulation system circulates hot water without the need to have a dedicated hot water return line. A dedicated return line is usually installed during the house construction.

  • This system only works when the pump is running.
  • When the pump is not running you still get hot water, it just takes longer to get it.
  • The crossover valve is designed to move only 95-degree hot water only. 
  • This system only moves .5 to .8 GPM, again to extends the life of our Rheem tankless unit.
  • We include a pump timer with our Tankless Guru Hot Water Package, giving you 24 hour control when you would like the pump to run.