Rheem Tankless Hot Water with Culligan Water Filtration

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Rheem/culligan tankless package

No yearly flushing needed


(Because of the water filtration)


 rheem      rtgh-rh11dv package list

Complete list of all items included in the interior Rheem RTGH-95DV and Culligan tankless hot water typical package.

  • (1) 3/4" Plywood backer board with 2x4 wood supports 

  • (1) Rheem RTGH-95DV  NG or LP tankless condensing unit.

  • (1) Taco external hot water circulation pump.

  • (1) Hot water circulation valve, mounted under the furthest sink.

  • (1) Culligan whole-house water filtration system for the cold water inlet side of the tankless unit.

  • (1) 4.5" x 10" 5-Micron sediment/scale filter cartridge.

  • (1) PVC Tankless drain pan.

  • (1) Service valve hot/cold set.

  • (1) Whole house hot water circulation cross over valve and braided supply lines. 

  • (1) All necessary PEX, PVC piping, fitting, connectors.

  • Tankless Guru warranty 5 year parts and labor on complete system installed (does not include filter cartridge)

  • Rheem warranty 1 year parts and labor, 5 parts and 12 heat exchanger limited (performed by Tankless Guru.)


Additional options offered

  • Combine two hot water zones. This option allows hot water, in 2 separate parts of a house, to circulate as one zone  $375.

  • To remove (1) 50-gallon tank from first level inside attic of $100 

  • To  remove (2) 50-gallon tanks and $150 or the tanks can be left in the attic.

  • Hard to access attic area where the tankless is to be installed. $350  This is for extreme conditions where existing construction makes the tankless installation very labor intense, occurs only 3 % of homes.  

  • Due to the sediment, from old tanks, aerators and shower heads must be cleaned after the tankless system is installed. The sediment that has collected in the aerators and shower heads will reduce the hot water flow rate, which affects the hot water temperature. This task of removal and cleaning can be performed by the homeowner (see videos) or by our crew for $150.    

  • When adding the Crossover Valve, for the RHGH hot circulation system, we encounter "builder grade" sink valves or stops which are not compatible
    with the Rheem Crossover Valve. In this case we must replace the original water supply lines and valves or stops, under only one sink, to assure there will be no future leaks. Install new water supply lines and sink valves or stops  $195.  See pics below

  • For Tankless Guru to change your water filter $125. Includes labor and cartridge.


If you have sink valves or stops, that look these, they will need to
be replaced in order to install the re-circulation cross over valve.

tankless guru 5-year parts and labor warranty

Our exclusive 5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty covers the Rheem/Culligan tankless package only. This warranty covers all components included in the Rheem/Culligan tankless package, like the Rheem RTGH-RH11DVLN and RTGH-95DVLN-2, service valves, piping, venting, connectors and valves. Our warranty does not include the filter cartridge, it does cover the filter housing only if the filter cartridge is replaced by a Tankless Guru technician.

This warranty works in conjunction with Rheem tankless warranty. See link below for further information.

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